Spacious family home on sale for just £110,000 – but you’ll need to tidy it up

A large three-bed semi-detached family home in Plymouth is on sale for a rock-bottom £110k asking price – but it is in complete disrepair after being previously owned by hoarders

A spacious family home has gone on the market for a steal at £110,000 – but it’s clear why the asking price is so low.

The three-bed semi-detached home in Plymouth has heaps of space and even a courtyard-style garden.

It’s also just a short walk from the sea and ideally placed near Dockyard train station.

But the reason for the rock bottom price is clear after shocking pictures showed heaps of rubbish in the home previously owned by a hoarder.

The garden has become a jungle, with bushes and vines crawling around the side of the property and blocking off windows.

Inside the hallway it’s difficult to see the direction of the natural light as the windows are completely covered with rubbish.

Cobwebs also cover several steps and are also found on the sofa and lampshades in the living room.

And the corridor floor is covered with bottles of booze, newspapers and plastic bags.

As the prospective buyers moves into the living room, they’re faced with more bottles of cider covering every surface.

But in front of the window is a mass of glass piled up to reach around four feet high.

The new homeowners would have to clear the pile of rubbish to be able to look outside.

Cobwebs make a number of appearances, spread across mirrors and lampshades.

In the kitchen, a trash pile made up of empty milk bottles covers the floor and will block the owner from getting to the other side without leaping.

A filthy hob is covered in glass jars, egg-carton cardboard and the sleeves from instant meals.

Some walls are rotting, with other areas showing cracks that expose the construction materials beneath.

A dining room cabinet has junk spilling from drawers and branching out to cover the table and chairs.

Two of the bedrooms are impossible to enter, and wallpaper has been peeling away in the upstairs hallway.

Behind the barricaded door are heaps of furniture, clothes and black bin bags completely obscuring the bed frame.

One room boasts a much-desired en-suite bathroom, which is also loaded with piles of binbags.

In some areas of the dilapidated home, a would-be buyer has to trudge through waist-deep rubbish to get to the other side.

There is one bedroom which has relatively trash in it, but the ceiling has fallen down and dragged a set of curtains across the window.

The pictures have emerged as Auction House Devon & Cornwall prepare to put it under the hammer for £110,000.